History and Background TADI

History and Background TADI 2018-12-14T15:47:46+07:00


TADI was developed from Thai Dental Implant Society which was founded in 1984 by a group of dentists who initiated pioneering implant dentistry in Thailand. The society has evolved in terms of organization and activities, and had a large number of participants. Later, it was registered as Thai Association of Dental Implantology (TADI) in 2009 by Associated Professor Dr.Somchai  Sessirisombat who was the first President of the TADI. TADI has expanded its activities to develop and disseminate knowledge and technology of implant dentistry to Thai dentists who are interested and have abilities to serve patients with universal standards. The Association has grown up and its membership has increased steadily. Annual conferences and annual mobility conferences are held to educate members in all regions of the country. To promote Thailand as the center of dental implant in the region, the Association has initiated the Bangkok International Symposium of Implant Dentistry (BIS) in Bangkok, starting in 2010. Although, Thailand had a political crisis during that period, but the BIS2010 was a spectacular success. There were over 500 attendees and followed by BIS2012 with more than 700 attendees. The recent BIS2017 reached more than 900 participants. The Association has expanded its cooperation with the dental implant Association in Asia including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. The memorandum of understandings (MOUs) were signed with those countries to jointly develop the dental implant group among Asian countries. It also focuses on expanding cooperation to neighboring countries, such as Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, to jointly develop academic programs in each country and to provide people in the region with universal standard dental services for oral health and good quality of life.


To spread the knowledge of science and art for excellent dental implant care and become a regional leader in the field of implant dentistry.


• To disseminate knowledge in dental implantology to members and dentists for providing people with effective care and services.
• To support the education, research and to promote innovation of implant dentistry in Thailand.
• To encourage patients to have easily access to implant dentistry services and get the most benefits.
• To represent national and international activities in the field of implant dentistry for maximum benefit to members.


• Organize annual conferences
• Organized regional mobility conferences to meet and disseminate knowledge to regional members.
• Organize 1-year training program of the basic implant dentistry for Thai dentists.
• Support the dental implant business sector in order to support academic activities and to make Thailand towards the center of complete implant dentistry.
• Cooperate with other organizations by delivering speakers and lecturers to the organizations requested.
• Collaborate with international dental implant organizations or associations, especially in the region.
• Organize the Bangkok International Symposium on Implant Dentistry (BIS) every 2 years.
• Support research and dissemination of dental implant research of students and dentists from various institutions in order to make Thailand more educationally and technologically advanced.
• Publish and distribute academic booklets and newsletters for members.

Regular member qualifications

• A dentist who has obtained a dental license from the Dental Council and is not in the process of being revoked.
• Have a good conduct.
• Do not be socially disgusted.
• No judgment of the court to the ultimate bankrupt or inability or in vain or imprisonment. Except for negligence or petition to the court of final judgment, In such cases, it must be while applying for membership or during being membership of the Association.

Honorary member qualifications

Honorable person or high qualifications or benefactors to the Association who the board voted to invite those as Honorary members.